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Trekcast Special Edition: Exploring Trek Sites


Larry Nemecek is one of our guests in this special edition of the German Trekcast

Ein Hinweis für unsere deutschsprachigen Zuhörer: Diese Folge des Trekcasts haben wir in englischer Sprache aufgezeichnet. Die nächste reguläre Folge erscheint wieder in deutscher Sprache.

We all are a little bit German, aren’t we? Well, that’s a complicated question, but in this special edition of the German Trekcast we come to more important topics like the Exploring Trek Sites Tour which will start again in 2013. You can register now.

Star Trek expert Larry Nemecek and Teras Cassidy from Geek Nation Tours join us to tell us about this year’s tour and what people have to expect for next year. We also speak with Larry about the upcoming release of the second season of Star Trek: The Next Generation on blu-ray and his new CD, Trekland: On Speaker.

A great episode of the Trekcast – that’s the reason why we decided to record this very special edition.

Geek Nation Tours – Vegas tour 2013
Trekland: On Speaker

Hosted by Malte Kirchner.

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